How to Build a Social Networking Website

Your social networking website will be professionally designed with a logo and a brandable domain name. Our social network content team will fill your website with videos, blogs, and slideshows that are focused on building retention and engagement.

Our marketing experts will then place cal-to-actions for the main products and services of your company.

Social Networking Website Marketing

Our company has created a proprietary marketing system that delivers an ROI of 5-10 times. We integrate your list of emails into the viral loop social netoworking website marketing campaign that is ongoing and revolving. For a list of 1,000 emails, our process is able to get your message out to another 5,000-10,000 targeted prospects.

The social networking website viral loop allows us to touch each person 5- 10 times.

This is ViralSO’s social network. It is built around our target audience, who are professionals and businesses interested in social media marketing.

Our call-to-action is the “Free Analysis,” which is strategically placed throughout the social network. We collect leads and then contact them to provide a free analysis. This is an example of a lead capture model.

We built this social network around our client’s wound care certification online training courses. The network is focused around their target audience of nurses, physicians, and therapists who are interested in wound care.

The call-to-action on this network pushes them to the video preview of their online courses. This is an example of a direct sales model.


How to Build a Social Networking Site

ViralSO's social network design division focuses on helping small businesses have an interactive engagement with their followers, prospects, and clients. We build social networking websites for clients across multiple industries. Our designers know how to build social networking websites that deliver high ROI.


About ViralSO & Social Networking Website Design

We are a Houston based company that services businesses across the nation with social networking website design clients in the following major metro areas: San Diego, Phoenix, San Francisco, Denver, Atlanta, Detroit, Plano, Tuscon, Austin, El Paso, Dallas, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Miami, Philadelphia, Fort Worth, Washington D.C., Boston, Tampa Bay, Orlando, Daytona, New York City, San Antonio, Boulder, Pensacola, Chicago, Portland and Jacksonville.

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