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Branded Social Network Target Marketing: 51,000+ Page Views

We built a social network around their core audience of nurses and doctors interested in increasing their knowledge on wound care. The social network was built around their existing brand and color scheme.

In the first four months, the social network had built its membership base to over 1200. The forum had become a resource for nurses and doctors to share information related to wound care. The 100s of pages of fresh content on the social network were used to add more value to the weekly newsletter.

In June, we started working on the YouTube marketing campaign. We outlined two areas to pursue. One focuses on their free preview video that would be optimized for the highest converting keywords from their Adwords campaign. Within the first week, we were able to rank their video in the top 3 videos for the five primary keyword strings on YouTube and Google. Additionally, 3-5 minute clips were uploaded and optimized for different wound training techniques. After 30 days, their videos had been viewed over 1500 times.

Email Marketing: Increased Opens, Clicks, and Engagement

After a review of their existing email campaign, we identified a lack of fresh content and consistency. We also saw a need for a strong call-to-action within the newsletter to drive sales.

By leveraging the content of the social network we were able to offer a weekly informational blog with a 3-5 minute training video, which became the primary focus of the weekly email. This has led to a strong increase in open and click through rate. We also implemented a strong call-to-action within every newsletter, which promoted the video preview page. The first week of adding this section to the email campaign led to record sales.

The other areas of the newsletter that were added that has achieved success are:
1) Ask or Answer a Question Section - Has created stronger engagement with the forum on the social network.
2) Facebook Fan Page Icon - Facebook fans have grown to over 1000.

Conversion Optimization: Increased Total Subscribers by 292%

Our conversion expert identified that a large portion of their customers were coming from the autoresponder that went out to newsletter sign ups.

We took the video preview of their course that was openly available to any visitor and made it only visible to subscribers of the newsletter. The free video preview links at the top left hand of the page were directed to the newsletter sign up page. This increased monthly email subscribers by a multiple 2.92. This increased the conversion rate and allowed us to compete for top bid listings for virtually all keywords within their space.

In reviewing their analytics, we found that their main navigation had too many choices that were leading visitors to dead ends. Their main navigation was simplified to five choices. Two of the options were call-to-actions that lead visitors down a direct path to registering for the product. A third option went to their social network. The social network gave visitors a perceived sense of trust by seeing over a thousand other nurses and doctors who have joined the site.

Search Engine Marketing: Increase Web Traffic Visitors by 104%

In reviewing their search engine marketing campaign with Adwords, we identified multiple areas that needed to be addressed.

Their Google search and Google content partners bidding were tied together in the same campaign. This resulted 89% of their budget and traffic coming from Google content partners, which were not converting to sales. We separated the content partners and direct search into two separate campaigns, and lowered the maximum bid on content partners. This resulted in the high converting direct search to make up 65% of their traffic and budget. Additionally, the lower bid on the content partners created a second profitable campaign.

Each week we have continued to add new keywords to the campaign, and remove the non-performing keywords. The campaign has grown from 43 keywords that were taking a net loss, to over 230 keywords tracking a consistent profit.

Summary of Key Performance Indicators: Overall Net Sales Increased 29%

Marketing case study, comparing the prior four months to the first four months of our relationship:

1) Total net sales increased by over 29% (Net Sales = Gross Sales - Advertising - Marketing Service Fees).
2) Total monthly email subscribers had an increase of almost three fold (2.92)
3) 1237 nurses and doctors joined their social network that we created for them.
4) 1198 nurses and doctors became a fan of the Facebook page we created for them.
5) Total visits to main site had increases 104% and the bounce rate had decreased by 5%
6) Total page views to their new social network during this period was 51,000+

In four months, our engagement strategy has transformed their company into the marker leader within their industry.



Examples of Target Marketing

ViralSO's target marketing company solutions are targeted and integrated campaigns customized to each client. The advantages of undifferential target marketing can be seen in company examples like Red Plum, Pepsi, and Borders. Target marketing failures are rare, and are usually only seen in plans that do not include socially responsible target marketing.


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