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Extensive Keyword Research

Our proprietary keyword research process allows us to uncover vital statistics on search trends that increases the overall ROI of each campaign. The research team has access to the keyword phrases that your competitors are spending the majority of their marketing budgets on. This allows us to identify high performing words to add to your campaign.

The process continues each week as we add more long-tailed and core keyword phrases to the campaign.

Ad Copy Testing

When it comes to PPC marketing, one of the biggest factors to success is the ad copy. We have a team of expert copywriters that create multiple variations of high converting ad copy for each campaign.

The marketing team takes these variations and runs them through a testing process that identifies the best performing titles and descriptions for each keyword set. A simple change in title and description can dramatically affect the click through and conversion rates.

Professional Landing Pages

The most common mistake businesses make in regards to PPC marketing, is which web page they send the traffic to.

We create landing pages that are specific to each keyword set. Each page focuses around the conversion of the sale and capturing key information about the prospect. The emails that are captured are placed into an autoresponder and newsletter campaign. This simple engagement combination can increase the ROI of a campaign by three fold. If you would like to find out more about PPC marketing, then read some PPC articles here.

Advanced Bidding Strategies

Many companies will spend $10,000+ on non-converting keywords. Our advanced dynamic strategies constantly remove non-performers and replace them with ones that do. This is a daily process that is run by experienced PPC marketing professionals.

In addition, we customize each keyword set by search engine for direct and indirect search. This allows us to lower your effective cost-per-click while maintaining your bid rank.

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Google Adwords Management Service

ViralSO's search engine marketing services focuses around ppc channel advertising for Google Adwords, Yahoo Search, Dogpile and Bing. Our editor experts and company consultants help in optimizing of promotion content and positioning of companies websites. We get the lowest google adwords bid price by using success secrets that include adwords exact match segmentation. PPC marketing has become intertwined with social media marketing where Google +1 and the Facebook like are integrated.


Adwords PPC Management Company

We are a Houston based Adwords PPC management company that services businesses across the nation with Google Adwords management clients in the following major metro areas: Austin, El Paso, Fort Worth, Washington D.C., Boston, Tampa Bay, Orlando, Daytona, New York City, San Antonio, Dallas, Miami, Philadelphia, San Diego, Phoenix, San Francisco, Denver, Atlanta, Detroit, Plano, Tuscon, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Boulder, Pensacola, Chicago, Portland and Jacksonville.

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