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Social 2.0 Web Design

Having a website with social components can take your business to a new level of engagement with your customers and prospects. We create the website around your target audience, filling it with viral content that has a proven track record of drawing interest.

Each site comes with the following sections filled with content: forum, blog, videos, events, and more. Every page can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, or emailed to all of your prospects in one click.

Corporate Presence

Whether you are just starting out or need a redesign of your corporate site, we can deliver a 5-10 page web site that will serve as the online face of your company. Each of our web designers has been trained in conversion optimization. This empowers them to create a website that looks great but also serves a specific purpose.

A member of the search engine optimization team will also optimize each page for specific keyword phrases related to your business and geographic location.

Custom Design

We have in-house project managers and designers that manage several hundred contractors all over the world. Just like Nike and Microsoft, we outsource many parts of each project to other countries. This allows us to complete virtually any project that you could dream up at a very sensible price.

Whether you are looking to create a large scope custom site or just trying to build a program to make the company run smoother, we will be able to deliver a quality product in a short time.

Ongoing Maintenance

When it comes to maintaining your websites you do not want to leave it in the hands of a one person shop, who may or may not return an email.

For all of our website projects we offer ongoing monthly maintenance packages. This includes updates, changes, and additions. We recognize that businesses can change at any point in time, and we want to be there to reflect those changes on your website in a timely manner. Our client services team is always a phone call away. For more information on webdesign concepts, we recommend this webdesign article blog.


This is ViralSO’s social network. It is built around our target audience, who are professionals and businesses interested in social media marketing.

Our call-to-action is the “Free Analysis,” which is strategically placed throughout the social network. We collect leads and then contact them to provide a free analysis. This is an example of a lead capture model.


We built this social network around our client’s wound care certification online training courses. The network is focused around their target audience of nurses, physicians, and therapists who are interested in wound care.

The call-to-action on this network pushes them to the video preview of their online courses. This is an example of a direct sales model.


Affordable Web Design and Marketing

ViralSO's affordable custom website design services and marketing company focuses on ecommerce store, portal, small business, church, and professional creative custom design. Our web designers work with companies that need a facelift or an entire new site. Established webdesign companies, like ViralSO, are the best option. Our free website design analysis will identify the improvements that lead to sales. Incorporating social media marketing into web design is one of the major factors in perceived trust of a website.


Web Design Internet Marketing Services

We are a Houston based web design internet marketing company that services businesses across the nation with web design clients in the following major metro areas: Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Francisco, Denver, Boulder, Pensacola, Chicago, New York City, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, El Paso, Fort Worth, Washington D.C., Boston, Tampa Bay, Orlando, Daytona, Miami, Atlanta, Detroit, Plano, Tuscon, Indianapolis, Alpena, Philadelphia, San Diego, Cornwall, Birmingham, Portland and Jacksonville.

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